Following an energy assessment, homeowners often wonder how to execute any one of many recommended energy efficiency upgrades.  This is an opportunity to assist them in executing efficiency improvements for competent contractors to help. When you join the participating list, your company details are easily accessible upon request to home owners as they conduct their research.


Why partner with us? 


  • Our exclusive VIP program prioritizes your customers – prompt & effortless access to incentive programs.  
  • Homeowners have questions or concerns about the program that we can address directly – saving you time and building homeowner confidence simultaneously.
  • We’re industry experts in residential home energy incentives with dedicated Certified Energy Advisors, and in-house expertise always just a phone call away.
  • We can keep you up to date with program updates through our newsletter
  • You can direct customers to our Home Energy team for seamless, prioritized  information on incentive programs.
  • We can help your customers save money!
  • We’re dedicating to work with you on improving our relationships, communications, and services between Registered Energy Advisors, contractors, and home owners.


We are looking for Contractors providing  services to Ontario & Ottawa regions such as HVAC, Insulation, Windows/Doors, Solar, Air Sealing, Roofing, & Water Purification.

Qualification Criteria:


  • 1. Commitment to energy conservation & reduction of greenhouse gas emissions 
  • 2. Understanding of incentive program details
  • 3. Posses all relevant licenses to perform services 
  • 4. Hold liability insurance for at least $2 million 
  • 5. Comply with all applicable laws, standards, & manufacturers’ instructions 
  • 6. Installation will meet or exceed grant requirements or energy-efficient targets 
  • 7. Will facilitate path to efficiency goals with homeowner & energy advisor

If you are a homeowner using this Participating Contractor’s List, we recommend that you contact and request quotes from three or more contractors. Also, ensure you receive a written (typed) contract to establish transparency and clarification on price and quality.


Receive up to $40,000 interest FREE for 10-years!



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