Up to $10,600 in Grants!
  • Up to $10,600 grant for homes currently serviced, or to be serviced by Enbridge Gas.  Can be occupied by landlord or owner.
  • Homes must have been built at least 6 months ago.
  • Up to $5,600 grant for homes occupied by owner.
  • Homes must have been built at least 6 months ago.


Energy Assessments Up to $600

Prioritized energy upgrade recommendations & a pre-requisite for incentive programs

Windows & Doors

Up to $325 for each windows & door replaced with eligible models.

Home Insulation

Up to $10K to insulate attics, foundations, walls & exposed floors.

Weather Sealing

Up to $1,625 to install roofing, foundation & crawlspace moisture proofing measures.

Solar Panels

Up to $5,000 to install solar panels.

Air Sealing

Up to $1,300 to reduce air leakage & eliminate drafts.

Space & water heating

Up to $7,800 to install ground source, air source & hot water heat pumps.

Smart Thermostat

Up to $125 to install improve comfort & reduce costs.

How it works...

Step 1

Book initial assessment with our expert Advisors. We handle registration & ALL paperwork.

Step 2

Research contractors by visiting our connection section.

Step 3

Complete at least one upgrade.

Step 4

Schedule follow-up energy assessment.

Step 5

Receive up to $10,000 rebate cheque + $600 to offset assessment costs.

Why Choose The Next Level Consulting?

Ontario's ONLY full service consultant

Price Match Gurantee

We will match any competitor pricing while maintaining the same premium level of service.

Maximum Benefits

We generously provide energy upgrade recommendations allowing you to take advantage immediate upgrades or those in the near future.

Extensive Coaching

We consult practical & meaningful approaches. We are committed to maximizing financial incentives & perpetual utility savings.

Quick Results

We work diligently to get timely results.

Everyone wins; including the environment!

No Hassle

We handle the ENTIRE process including all paperwork, registrations, and prioritized rebates.

Contractor Discovery

We help you source service provider(s) effeciently by providing a easy mechansim to get multiple proposals for your upgrades.

More proposals ensures you more insight into competitive pricing & maximum value.

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