Achieve Superior Energy Efficiency with Our Builder Services

Maximize Value and Compliance for New Constructions

Increased Home Value

Energy-efficient homes with certifications like EnerGuide or Energy Star sell faster and at higher prices.

Competitive Advantage

Stand out in the market by offering homes that prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability.

Cost Savings

Lower utility bills for homeowners make these properties more attractive, leading to higher satisfaction and retention.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance with Ontario’s strict building codes and energy efficiency standards, avoiding potential penalties.

Why EnerGuide/Energy Star/Netzero?

  • Increased Home Value: Homes with EnerGuide certification sell for more and sell faster.
  • Competitive Advantage: Stand out in the market with energy-efficient homes that buyers seek.
  • Environmental Impact: Promote sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint of new constructions.
  • Cost Savings: Energy-efficient homes result in lower utility bills for homeowners, making them more attractive.
  • Compliance with Ontario Building Codes: Ensure your projects meet and exceed Ontario’s strict building codes and energy efficiency standards.


Our Services for Builders

Comprehensive Energy Assessments
We provide detailed energy assessments to ensure your new homes meet or exceed EnerGuide standards. Our assessments are thorough, covering every aspect of energy consumption and efficiency to ensure compliance with Ontario’s building codes.

Consultation and Support
Our team offers expert advice and ongoing support throughout the design and construction process. We help you navigate the requirements for EnerGuide certification and ensure your projects comply with Ontario’s building codes and energy efficiency regulations.

Custom Energy Modeling
We create tailored energy models that consider various construction methods and design concepts. Each design decision’s implications are evaluated in real-time, providing you with comparative insights for optimal energy efficiency and compliance with building regulations.

Training and Education
We offer workshops and resources to educate builders on best practices for energy-efficient home construction. Our training ensures your team is equipped with the knowledge to achieve and maintain EnerGuide certification and adhere to Ontario’s building codes. 

New Construction Energy Savings Programs

Enbridge Gas offers free building science consulting and real-time energy modelling to help builders design energy-efficient, sustainable, and high-performance buildings.

  • Early Stage Support: Get help at the early stages of design to maximize energy performance and avoid costly changes during construction.
  • Sustainability: Minimize environmental impact and enhance building resilience.
  • Compliance: Stay ahead of changing building codes and regulations​.

EnerGuide Qualification

Energy Star Certification

Net Zero Certification

Why Choose The Next Level Consulting?

Ontario's ONLY full service consultant

Price Match Gurantee

We will match any competitor pricing while maintaining the same premium level of service for energy assessment services.

Maximum Benefits

We generously provide energy upgrade recommendations, allowing you to take advantage of immediate home energy improvements or those in the near future.

Extensive Coaching

We consult on practical and meaningful approaches to energy efficiency and are committed to maximizing financial incentives and perpetual utility savings through our energy efficiency consulting services.

Quick Results

We work diligently to achieve timely results. Everyone wins, including the environment, through effective energy conservation!

No Hassle

We handle the ENTIRE process, including all paperwork, registrations, and prioritized energy audit rebates.

Contractor Discovery

We help get multiple quotes from service providers. More proposals mean competitive pricing and maximum value for residential energy efficiency and home performance evaluations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EnerGuide Certification?

EnerGuide certification provides a standardized measure of a home's energy performance. It helps builders market their projects as energy-efficient and ensures compliance with national energy efficiency standards.

What is Energy Star Certification?

Energy Star certification signifies superior energy performance in buildings. It is a trusted mark that helps builders distinguish their projects as environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, appealing to eco-conscious buyers.

What is Net Zero Homes Certification?

Net Zero Homes produce as much energy as they consume, representing the pinnacle of energy efficiency and sustainability. This certification ensures that homes are built to the highest standards of energy efficiency.

How can Next Level Consulting help achieve these certifications?

Next Level Consulting provides comprehensive support including energy assessments, guidance on best practices, and assistance with the certification process to ensure your projects meet the highest energy efficiency standards.

Why are these certifications important for builders?

These certifications not only enhance the marketability of your projects but also ensure compliance with regulatory standards, improve energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and increase the overall value of the properties.

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