Comprehensive Commercial Energy Audits for Maximum Efficiency and Savings

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Comprehensive Energy Audit

Our expert team offers ASHRAE Level 1, 2, and 3 audits to identify energy inefficiencies and recommend cost-saving measures tailored to your building’s needs.

Benefits of Energy Audits

Reduce energy consumption and utility bills, optimize building performance, enhance sustainability, and ensure compliance with local energy regulations.

Energy Upgrade Programs

Access financing and support for energy-efficient upgrades through initiatives like the Green Industrial Facilities and Manufacturing Program (GIFMP).

Airtightness Testing Program

Understand the true energy costs of ownership and avoid regrettable purchases. Plus, save 25% on mortgage insurance with our home energy audit services.

Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Assessment

ASHRAE Energy Audit Levels 1, 2, and 3

ASHRAE Walk-Through Survey in Progress

Unlock Energy Savings and Efficiency

Commercial Building Energy Analysis


-Preliminary Energy-Use Analysis (PEA)

  • Analyze historic utility use, peak demand, and cost.
  • Develop Energy Cost Index (ECI) and Energy Utilization Index (EUI).

-Level 1—Walk-Through Survey

  • Assess energy cost and efficiency with energy bills and a brief on-site survey to determine Energy Conservation Measure (ECM).
  • Identify low-cost/no-cost efficiency measures and potential capital improvements.

-Level 2—Energy Survey Analysis

  • Conduct a detailed building survey and energy consumption analysis.
  • Break down energy end uses within the building.

-Level 3—Detailed Analysis of Capital Intensive Modifications

  • Focus on capital-intensive projects with detailed field data and rigorous analyses.
  • Often include modeling the annual energy performance of the building.

Benefits of ASHRAE Energy Audits

  • Cost Savings: Reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills.
  • Energy Efficiency: Optimize building performance and energy use.
  • Sustainability: Enhance environmental impact with efficient upgrades.
  • Building Code Compliance: Ensure your building meets and exceeds local energy standards and regulations.
Why Choose Our Services?

Comprehensive Audits: Identify inefficiencies and recommend cost-saving measures.

Expert Analysis: Detailed energy usage analysis to find conservation opportunities.

Regulatory Compliance: Ensure your commercial building exceeds local energy standards.


Our Process

Initial Consultation: Understand energy needs and goals.

Data Collection: Gather energy bills, building plans, and equipment details.

Walk-Through Analysis: Inspect energy systems.

Energy Usage Analysis: Use advanced tools to analyze data and identify savings.

Implementation Plan: Provide detailed recommendations and cost-benefit analysis.

Ongoing Support: Offer continuous monitoring and support for long-term savings.

Commercial Airtightness Testing Program

The Airtightness Testing Program by Enbridge Gas is designed to help commercial and multi-residential builders and developers improve the energy efficiency of their buildings by identifying and addressing air leakage issues early in the construction process.

    • Financial Incentives: Enbridge Gas offers incentives up to $45,000 for conducting airtightness testing. The incentive rate is $0.50 per square foot, covering up to 80% of the total cost.
    • Energy Savings: Identifying and mitigating air leaks helps reduce energy consumption, leading to lower utility bills and improved building performance.
    • Enhanced Comfort: Airtight buildings provide better thermal comfort and indoor air quality for occupants.
    • Sustainability: By improving energy efficiency, buildings can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to environmental sustainability.
    • Compliance: Ensuring airtight construction helps meet or exceed building codes and regulations, avoiding costly post-construction corrections.
  • Eligibility: This program is available for commercial and multi-residential new construction projects.
  • Support: Enbridge Gas provides free technical support and training to industry professionals, ensuring proper implementation of airtightness testing.
  • Educational Workshops: Enbridge offers workshops to educate builders and developers on the benefits and techniques of airtightness testing.
  1. Initial Consultation: Contact Enbridge Gas early in the project planning stage to discuss the airtightness testing requirements and pre-qualify your project.
  2. Testing and Analysis: Conduct airtightness testing during the construction process to identify and address air leaks.
  3. Incentive Application: Submit the necessary documentation, including test results and cost details, to receive financial incentives from Enbridge Gas.

Green Industrial Facilities and Manufacturing Program (GIFMP)

Aimed at maximizing energy performance and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Canada's industrial sector. Provides financial assistance for implementing energy efficiency and management solutions.

      • Energy Efficiency Solutions:

        • Supports provinces, territories, utilities, and eligible recipients.
        • Up to 100% funding for Indigenous and not-for-profit organizations.
        • Maximum of $20 million per proposal.
      • Industrial Facility Support:

        • Direct assistance for industrial sectors.
        • Up to 50% funding for energy management solutions.
        • Maximum of $10 million per proposal.
  • Financial Assistance: Significant funding for energy efficiency projects.
  • Energy Savings: Implementation of energy management solutions.
  • Environmental Impact: Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Increased Competitiveness: Improved industry performance and sustainability.
  1. Open to all industrial sectors and facility sizes.
  2. Must demonstrate significant potential for energy savings and emissions reductions.
  1. Submit detailed proposals through the online portal.
  2. Proposals evaluated based on energy savings potential and project feasibility.

Why Choose The Next Level Consulting?

Ontario's ONLY full service consultant

Price Match Gurantee

We will match any competitor pricing while maintaining the same premium level of service for energy assessment services.

Maximum Benefits

We generously provide energy upgrade recommendations, allowing you to take advantage of immediate home energy improvements or those in the near future.

Extensive Coaching

We consult on practical and meaningful approaches to energy efficiency and are committed to maximizing financial incentives and perpetual utility savings through our energy efficiency consulting services.

Quick Results

We work diligently to achieve timely results. Everyone wins, including the environment, through effective energy conservation!

No Hassle

We handle the ENTIRE process, including all paperwork, registrations, and prioritized energy audit rebates.

Contractor Discovery

We help get multiple quotes from service providers. More proposals mean competitive pricing and maximum value for residential energy efficiency and home performance evaluations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a commercial energy audit?

A commercial energy audit is a detailed evaluation of a commercial building's energy use, aimed at identifying inefficiencies and recommending measures to improve energy performance, reduce utility costs, and enhance sustainability.

How can a commercial energy audit benefit my business?

A commercial energy audit helps businesses uncover opportunities for energy savings, reduce operational costs, improve building comfort, and contribute to environmental sustainability. It can also enhance the building's market value and ensure compliance with energy regulations.

What types of improvements can be identified during a commercial energy audit?

Improvements identified during a commercial energy audit can include upgrades to lighting, HVAC systems, insulation, windows, and building automation systems. It may also suggest operational changes and maintenance practices to optimize energy use.

How does Next Level Consulting conduct a commercial energy audit?

Next Level Consulting follows a comprehensive process that includes an initial consultation, data collection and analysis, on-site inspections, and detailed reporting with actionable recommendations. We also provide ongoing support to ensure the successful implementation of energy-saving measures.

What are the different levels of commercial energy audits?

Commercial energy audits are typically categorized into three levels: Level 1 (Walk-Through Audit): A preliminary analysis to identify low-cost/no-cost measures. Level 2 (Energy Survey and Analysis): A detailed assessment with a breakdown of energy uses and cost-effective improvements. Level 3 (Detailed Analysis of Capital-Intensive Modifications): An in-depth analysis involving detailed field data and simulations to support significant investment decisions.

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